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As I sit here on a Wednesday
The last day in August
There are three hurricanes dancing
in Hawaii’s aquatic playground.

Tropical storm Hermine is building its
Force and fury
And headed toward a Florida vacation.  

Louisiana is mucking-out from under a deluge
Last week,
That made a “1,000 year flood” look like
An impeded urinary tract.

And the Missouri Association of Electric Cooperatives
Brags about its reliance upon coal, coal and more coal.

Bring on the coal
© 2016   Mark Pearce
There are many esteemed
in the audience

There are many individuals
who believe
they are esteemed
in the audience

There are many individuals
who can spell
the word “esteemed”
in the audience

There are a few
who have yet to learn
to spell “esteemed”
in the audience today.

But I will not request of you
a show of hands.


Attributed to Mark Twain
© 2016 Mark Pearce
Thar hangs a William Brodie
Finest man tha’ tever was
Swinging by the bridge at Tolbooth
A fitting scaffold, rope and hood.

Sworn as Deacon of cab’netry
And a builder of our town
But at night he’s another story
And that’s why we took him down.

He would enter home and business
As we welcomed of his craft
To make tables, drawers and doorways
Our abodes well built to last.

Thar he’d tinker with the lockways
And wax mold every key
And when his mistresses got hungry
He’d return at night to thieve.

He burgled banks and registries
He burgled homes and church
And when his wagers went askew
He planned to do much worse

By building up a guild, you see
Of such uncommon thieves
That neighbors would ne’er suspect,
But only one of these.

That one, John Brown, a highwayman
Felt the pressure of his deeds
And sought the good King’s Pardon
As he groveled from his knees

And as questioning and answering
Continued for a forte
The name of William Brodie
Came to ‘ttention of the court.

But William had escaped away
To America, he was bound.
We captured him in Amsterdam
Before his fare was found.

We brought him home, to Edinburgh
In shackles and in brace
And held him in our prisonry
Ware we looked him in the face

And so the master carpenter
Adjudged of evil deed
Was sentenced for his twilight life
In spite of his sorry plead.

And as he climbed the scaffold
His hand flowing up the rail
He noted every stair board,
Each support post, joint and nail

Some say he beat the lethal noose  
Fashioning a collar lined with steel
And he amply bribed the hangman
To make his death look real.

Why, some of you may know
The Deacon Brodie, now, today.
Robert Lewis transformed his likeness
He’s Dr. Jekyll now, so they say.


Deacon Brodie
© 2016   Mark Pearce
The Children are turning into pumpkins
And melons and cantaloupes and squash
The Children are turning into pumpkins
At least we’ll have plenty for lunch.

It’s said that in the writing of poetry the conscious mind works directly with the unconscious mind.  I believe that’s true.

I wrote this verse and tune in a humor-filled mood and then I then looked back at it and wondered, “what could this really mean?”

I’ve read many books over the years, encapsulating themes of sociology, poverty and slavery.  And as hard as it is for us to believe, there are still places in this world today that sacrifice their children to menial tasks.

Children as young as 5 or 6 are put to the field and orchard, earning a pitiful amount that can be added to an insufficient household income.  These children are proud and resourceful, but they see little of their own potential in this world, and they are deprived of formal education.

And so we have it.  Whether it be coffee beans in Kenya, potatoes in Syria, tea leaves in India, sugar cane in the Philippines or tomatoes in Florida – the future of these children is being traded for a cart load of melons and squash.

Now the verse evokes a different sense.    

The Children are turning into pumpkins
And melons and cantaloupes and squash
The Children are turning into pumpkins
At least we’ll have plenty for lunch.

Insist on Fair Trade.


© 2016   Mark Pearce


Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter.

All lives matter.

Of course.
But is it the time to respond in that way?

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Do we follow that with the expression “Canada too?”  “France the same.”  “Poland as well.”  “Great Briton also.”  “Japan is right there?”

God is great.
Do we respond with – “So is peanut brittle”?


There are moments in which we must allow a message
to seep in.  Unmitigated.

Let’s look close to home.  

Kansas City, Missouri.  
December 29th.  
Homicide Victims during the current year.

Asian male – Zero
Asian female – One

Hispanic Male – Nine
Hispanic Female – One

White Male – Eleven
White Female – Five

Black Male – Sixty-eight
Black Female – Eleven

Consolidated, they are –

Asian Deaths – One

Hispanic Deaths – Ten

White Deaths – Sixteen

Black Deaths - Seventy-nine

And sad part is, it’s not just Kansas City.
It’s much the same throughout the country.

So when you hear the term “Black Lives Matter,”
take pause and let it sink in.  

There is a time to allow a cogent message to do its work.


Black Lives Matter  
Mark Pearce © 2015
Well, my wife and I are retired now and on to the projects we love and working with people we admire.  I've personally gotten myself involved with a monthly series that produces a monthly open mic, featuring original songs, poems, stories, memoirs and music.  It's been the catalyst for me to pen a few simple verses of late.

If you're interested you can see more about Warrensburg, Missouri's "Old Drum Open Mic" at…   

I'm really pleased with the quality and enthusiasm that is building there.

Mark Pearce
  • Listening to: / 90.9 The Bridge
  • Drinking: Tap water. No plastic bottles.


Mark Pearce
United States
Current Residence: Missouri, USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Folk, Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass and authentic Country.

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